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Where do we turn if we want to work across artistic movements and disciplines? How do we find the yet-undiscovered communities that inhabit the cross-art interface? How do we liberate our artistic practice?

TRAVERS s a multidisciplinary project that aims to pose questions and search for answers. TRAVERS will provide the space to challenge habits, mind-sets and attitudes. It will seek out new processes and artistic languages, and cultivate the art of encounter. TRAVERS aims to create a strong society of artists, who will develop and expand the interdisciplinary field during exceptional opportunities for working across formats and territories.

TRAVERS facilitates a two-year journey into an unexplored cross-artistic landscape. During this journey, TRAVERS will host three collaborative camps in November 2018, May 2019 and June 2020. These residencies will offer an opportunity to found new, egalitarian workspaces, where artists can work and wonder together in a shared artistic laboratory. Beside the three big camps, TRAVERS will moderate smaller encounters, initiated by visiting artists or ensembles, who wish to contribute to the interdisciplinary programme.

The TRAVERS journey is open to all artists and scholars. The journey is free and offers various ways of joining.






30 August 2018 —
23 September 2018

For EVERYBODY in the fields of music, literature, architecture, sound and visual arts, film and performing arts!

From 30 August to 23 September we are open for all artists and scholars who wish to join TRAVERS.

TRAVERS is a multidisciplinary project that invites artists and scholars from all disciplines and backgrounds to explore and challenge the art of encounter in open workspaces.

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Photo of Anna Berit Asp Christensen
Photo by Marc Fluri


June 2018 — June 2020

Anna Berit Asp Christensen (1971) is a Danish artist and curator with strong roots in both classical and new music. Since 2007, she has been Manager and Artistic Director of the SPOR festival in Aarhus, and in 2008 she initiated SCENATET where she functions as Artistic Director. The ensemble is her primary artistic and curatorial platform, where, among other things, she has created and developed The Documentary Concert, Living Room, Concert Walk and Backyard Pictures (in artistic collaboration with Bent Sørensen). Christensen’s work – artistical, conceptual and curational is characterized by a continuous study of the experimental range in music and its place on the contemporary art scene. A focus on space is typical of Christensen’s own work, that be space in a psychological sense and space as a public sphere.




Photo of Louise Beck
Photo by: Tom Ingvardsen


June 2018 – June 2020

Louise Beck (1965) is a Danish visual artist and Artistic Director of the platform OPE-N. Beck has worked on both classical and new pieces of music theatre around the world. She has also been a project manager at The Nordic Council of Ministers and Head of the Scenography department at both The Danish National Theatre School in Copenhagen and Oslo National Academy of the Arts. OPE-N is an OPE-N platform for OPE-N processes with OPE-N formats. It is a cross-disciplinary and collaborative performing arts platform that focuses on how to OPE–N frames of minds. OPE-N initiates all sorts of artistic exchanges; such as symposiums, workshops, artistic research and lengthy artist collaborations, which eventually leads to a range of new interdisciplinary pieces of performing arts.



There are many ways to join TRAVERS!

OPEN CALL: Take part in the camp at Glyptoteket in week 48, where we FACE THE PAST. The application process is handled by the Further Education at the Danish National School of Performing Arts. Apply here.

Events: Discover our program and turn up to whatever event you’d like. Few take an entrance fee, many are for free.

Want to share an idea? Propose a contribution for the program? Or ask a question? We’ll be happy to hear from you!