Wednesday 6 May 2020

Dear TRAVERS participants, supporters, and friends,

After a busy month, we have now prepared the new program for the last TRAVERS camp in 2021.
Since our decision to postpone the camp, that should have taken place at Copenhagen Contemporary on 27th May – 6th June 2020, we have been in dialogue with our 18 artistic hosts, all the mentors and participants in the one-year mentoring program, approximately 80 camp participants, and our many partners.
We have received great enthusiasm and willingness to cooperate since our decision to postpone, rather than to cancel Camp 3, and today we can complete a program that we are very proud of.
Although the decision to postpone the camp was not easy, it has proven to have several positive consequences. We can now have even richer and more diverse content, more workshops, and an extended debate program and broader public program. In addition, it has emerged that several of the participants who were not able to come this year can join us next year. We now have over 100 artists for the camp itself as well as many strong players from all over the world in the public program.
So, the postponement maneuver has been worth all the hassle, and we can now calmly close the TRAVERS office for a few months. We will resume the final part of planning in March 2021. At that time, we look forward to presenting the full camp program and completing the important pioneering work for the international cross-artistic field.

The third and last TRAVERS camp: Confront the Future will take place at Copenhagen Contemporary on 27th May – 6th June 2021.

It seems that our theme will be more current than ever as the pandemic has staggered the world’s ideas about the future.

We look forward to seeing you this time next year!



COPENHAGEN MAY 27-June 6, 2021

The deadline is over for applications for the third round of TRAVERS.
The Camp will take place at the International Arts Centre 
Copenhagen Contemporary between 27 May  6 June 2021. 

Together with CPH OPERA Festival, TRAVERS will be hosting events during this year’s festival in August. The events will take place in Copenhagen and are connected to the festival program. We intend to share knowledge, reflect and inspire each other through dialogues on the position of the opera and music drama in the present and the future.

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Photo by Jonas Søgaard

Camp 2 Met the Present at Aarhus’ interactive epicenter Dokk1. During the week, cross artistic practices were investigated, challenged, discussed and performed.

Read a recap of the camp here




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WHAT IS     



I think Travers offers a unique opportunity for getting an insight, or “traversing” into other creative fields. This is something which I believe is fruitful for personal development as well as potential future collaboration. – Freja Kir, participating artist in camp 1

TRAVERS is a cross-artistic journey that aims to pose questions and search for answers. TRAVERS will provide the space to challenge habits, mind-sets and attitudes. It will seek out new processes and artistic languages, and cultivate the art of encounter. TRAVERS aims to create a strong society of artists, who will develop and expand the interdisciplinary field during exceptional opportunities for working across formats and territories.

TRAVERS will host three collaborative camps in November 2018, May 2019 and June 2020. These residencies will offer an opportunity to found new, egalitarian workspaces, where artists can work and wonder together in a shared artistic laboratory.

The TRAVERS camps are open to all artists and scholars. The journey is free and offers various ways of joining.






Photo by Aldis Palsdottir
Photo by Aldis Palsdottir

Vigdis Jackobsdóttir is the artistic director of the Reykjavik Arts Festival and also works as a theatre director, workshop facilitator and lecturer. She studied Drama and Theatre Studies at the University of Kent (UK) and she has a postgraduate diploma in Teaching Studies for Higher Education from the University of Iceland. Vigdis also founded the two theatre festivals, “Ungi” and “Þjóðleikur”, which are directed at young audiences. Her passion for the arts is evident as she has emphasized her belief that “the arts are the most powerful tool to celebrate humanity and to sustain and create peace on earth”. She has also worked at the Icelandic Arts Academy, the National Theatre and was the vice president of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ) from 2014-2017.






Sara Topsøe-Jensen

Sara Topsøe-Jensen (1971) is a Danish actress and the founder and artistic director of Carte Blanche – a theatre based in Viborg, Denmark. A common feature for Carte Blanche’s poetic performances is the use of visuality and site specificity with a focus on the meeting between the performer and the audience throughout different sensuous tableaus. The theatre has toured in 27 different countries such as Australia, Russia, Greenland and Canada and worked with a variety of international performers. Sara has been nominated for local and international awards such as The Reumert Jury’s Special Award for the two performances LIFE LIVE! by Carte Blanche og Cantabile 2 in Denmark, 2013; The 2008 ASSITEJ Award for Artistic Excellence at the ASSITEJs XVI World Congress in Adelaide, Australien in May 2008 and the Rosamund Gilder/ Martha Coigney International Award of League of Professional Theatre Women in New York, September 2011.



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