Photo by Jonas Søgaard

Camp 2 Met the Present at Aarhus’ interactive epicenter Dokk1. During the week, cross artistic practices were investigated, challenged, discussed and performed.

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WHAT IS     



I think Travers offers a unique opportunity for getting an insight, or “traversing” into other creative fields. This is something which I believe is fruitful for personal development as well as potential future collaboration. – Freja Kir, participating artist in camp 1

TRAVERS is a cross-artistic journey that aims to pose questions and search for answers. TRAVERS will provide the space to challenge habits, mind-sets and attitudes. It will seek out new processes and artistic languages, and cultivate the art of encounter. TRAVERS aims to create a strong society of artists, who will develop and expand the interdisciplinary field during exceptional opportunities for working across formats and territories.

TRAVERS will host three collaborative camps in November 2018, May 2019 and June 2020. These residencies will offer an opportunity to found new, egalitarian workspaces, where artists can work and wonder together in a shared artistic laboratory.

The TRAVERS camps are open to all artists and scholars. The journey is free and offers various ways of joining.






Stefanie Wördemann

Stefanie Wördemann (1974) is a German librettist and stage director. She studied music and German at the HU Berlin and was a founding member of the academy Musiktheater heute –Berlin-Salzburg and of the labor für musik:theater. In 2001 Stefanie became theatre dramaturg at the Osnabrück Theatre and was editor and dramaturg for the Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra from 2002 until 2006. However, since 2005, she has exhibited her work as a librettist and stage director with many music theatre productions including QUIXOTE oder Die Porzellanlanze and Orfeo 14 (vol. 1) in which she collaborated with Helmut Oehring (who is also part of TRAVERS). More recently, Stefanie has worked on Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, which focuses on the current refugee crisis and is performed with the help of asylum-seeking musicians and artists from the Middle East.






Photo of Rikke Lund Heinsen

Rikke Lund Heinsen (1967) is a Danish teacher and researcher within the field of artistic entrepreneurship, inter/transdisciplinarity and cross-artistic work. Rikke’s background is academic and her experiences are grounded in the producing and educating area of performing arts. She is deeply interested in how to expand our crafts as artistic and creative human beings by offering anti hierarchic workspaces where we all can breathe, exchange and evolve.



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