The TRAVERS CATALOGUE is a container for wonders, questions, feelings, expressions, thoughts, objects and non-things.

It came into being through the entanglement of camp 3: Confront the Future. The catalogue content is gathered and curated by Rikke Lund Heinsen and Lukas Lund. An important part of the catalogue is the open-endedness; the leaving out contexts, looking away from any finished results or works and seeking out unexpected experiences and understandings. The catalogue started as an invitation in plural, and its current state is being a prisme of the camp 3 meeting.

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The deadline is over for applications for the third round of TRAVERS.
The Camp will take place at the International Arts Centre 
Copenhagen Contemporary between 27 May  6 June 2021. 


Since we held our first Travers camp at Glyptoteket in Copenhagen in Nov 2018, the world has turned upside down. We managed to complete the second camp at Dokk1 in Aarhus in May 2019, before the pandemic cut short the planning of our final camp in Copenhagen June 2020. We are now longing to get started again so we can make sure to round off Travers’s fantastic journey with a huge celebration of interdisciplinary art at Copenhagen Contemporary, where the final camp will take place May 27 – June 5, 2021. We would like to invite everybody who has participated in a Travers camp, or has been involved in Travers activities in any other ways, to join us on the final day at CC on June 5, where we will host a party, connect with each other, and make plans for future collaborations. We will send you more information in the Spring – so for now we just ask you to put a big X in your calendars!

Together with CPH OPERA Festival, TRAVERS will be hosting events during this year’s festival in August. The events will take place in Copenhagen and are connected to the festival program. We intend to share knowledge, reflect and inspire each other through dialogues on the position of the opera and music drama in the present and the future.

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Photo by Jonas Søgaard

Camp 2 Met the Present at Aarhus’ interactive epicenter Dokk1. During the week, cross artistic practices were investigated, challenged, discussed and performed.

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Discover the Bulletins Archive for interviews with TRAVERS artists, hosts, guests and find out more about what TRAVERS does.

WHAT IS     



I think Travers offers a unique opportunity for getting an insight, or “traversing” into other creative fields. This is something which I believe is fruitful for personal development as well as potential future collaboration. – Freja Kir, participating artist in camp 1

TRAVERS is a cross-artistic journey that aims to pose questions and search for answers. TRAVERS will provide the space to challenge habits, mind-sets and attitudes. It will seek out new processes and artistic languages, and cultivate the art of encounter. TRAVERS aims to create a strong society of artists, who will develop and expand the interdisciplinary field during exceptional opportunities for working across formats and territories.

TRAVERS will host three collaborative camps in November 2018, May 2019 and June 2020. These residencies will offer an opportunity to found new, egalitarian workspaces, where artists can work and wonder together in a shared artistic laboratory.

The TRAVERS camps are open to all artists and scholars. The journey is free and offers various ways of joining.



There are many ways to join TRAVERS

Events: Discover our public program and turn up to whatever event you’d like. Stay tuned for updates.

Want to share an idea? Propose a contribution for the program? Or ask a question? We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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