TRAVERS is initiated by Anna Berit Asp Christensen and Louise Beck, who wished to establish an interdisciplinary platform, where artists from all art forms could free themselves from conventional working premises, predetermined hierarchies and traditional processes, restricted production phases and time schedules, to seek out new collaborative formats in open and egalitarian workspaces.

TRAVERS will run for two years and will be programmed as one long journey into an undiscovered cross-art landscape, where artists are free to join and leave again during the trip. Our aim is for a strong society of artists to emerge from this open journey, so we can initiate new collaborative structures, which will stimulate, expand and develop the cross-disciplinary field now and in the future.

TRAVERS is based on a belief that artists are challenged when encountering one another across disciplines, domains and boundaries. On the TRAVERS platform we will work and wonder together in a curious, transparent laboratory. In the laboratory we will stagger around, insecure because we are trying to invent something new, mixing new stuff and searching for answers to questions we barely know.

TRAVERS is a hybrid project. Some people might even consider it a bastard. After all, it will feature radical off-the-wall, multi-faceted and mosaic-like crossovers, with no fixed directions. We cannot, and will not predict, where the two-year journey will take us, but we know that TRAVERS will uncover the huge potential of the interdisciplinary field, and by doing so, we hope that TRAVERS will have a synergic effect on art workers, organisations and institutions, inspiring them to take over and consolidate the TRAVERS adventures in the future.

TRAVERS is based on a two-year commission from the Danish Arts Foundation. Beside Anna Berit Asp Christensen and Louise Beck as artistic directors of the programme, the TRAVERS team consists of: the project coordinator, Christine Juhl Sørensen; the producer, Martel Ollerenshaw; the researcher, Rikke Lund Heinsen and Anne Riber as PR manager. The team is so far collaborating with Glyptoteket, Dokk1, Urgent.Agency, Performing Arts Further Education and The Development Platform for Performing Arts, but more organisations will join us in the course of the next two years.