For EVERYBODY in the fields of music, literature, architecture, sound and visual arts, film and performing arts!

30 August — 23 September

From 30 August to 23 September we are open for all practising artists and scholars who wish to join TRAVERS.

TRAVERS is a multidisciplinary project that facilitates a two-year journey into an unexplored artistic landscape. During this journey TRAVERS will host a range of collaborative camps, where artists and scholars will be given exceptional opportunities to meet and work across formats and territories.

The first stop on this two-year journey will be in week 48 (26 November to 1 December 2018) at Glyptoteket in Copenhagen, where TRAVERS will be setting up camp in the finest collection of ancient art, portraying both the horrors and the heroes of the past. This impressive collection is a representation of power, depicting characters who made history, or at least – one way or another – accomplished something in their lives that led to them occupying a pedestal in this acclaimed gallery. They all made it. Or are they just a set of random figures, residing here because they were on the market when the collection was established?

At Glyptoteket we will explore how history and the notion of success is told. We will examine our own concept of pasts, reflect on our practices, discuss artistic strategies and discover what happens when we OPEN our minds and closed documents to share uncompleted projects with fellow artists. In the interface between artistic ideas and disciplines we will generate a collective installation representing and retelling the un-succeeded ventures of our past.

TRAVERS is free to join and we can help with travel costs.

OPEN CALL for the camp at Glyptoteket is open from 30 August to 23 September 2018.

You can apply personally or as an artistic team. The application process is handled by the Further Education at the Danish National School of Performing Arts. Apply here!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Louise Beck and Anna Berit Asp Christensen, Artistic Directors