This is a bulletin board for us all, where we can share news about our ongoing journey; events that pop up along the way; new discoveries we stumble upon and other material of curiosity gathered on the route of TRAVERS. Do you want to post something? Please don’t hesitate to write to

Photo from the workshop: Body, Art & Science, University of Southern Denmark

All TRAVERS artists that participated in the camp at Glyptoteket in November 2018 are invited to take part in the educational research project called Cross-disciplinarity core-notions and methods. The project is initiated by Bent Nørgaard in co-operation with the Danish National Academy of Music and TRAVERS.

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The public program for Face The Past at Glyptoteket is out now!

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Val-de-Travers in Switzerland (Gorges de l'Areuse)

travers, [tr̥ɐˈvɐ̤r̥s] (fr. traverse, af lat. traversus el. transversus tværgående, af transvertere, af trans- + vertere (i bøjningsform vers-) vende), tværstykke; tværbjælke. Source: Den Store Danske/

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For EVERYBODY in the fields of music, literature, architecture, sound and visual arts, film and performing arts!

30 August 2018 — 23 September 2018

TRAVERS is a multidisciplinary project that invites artists and scholars from all disciplines and backgrounds to explore and challenge the art of encounter in OPEN workspaces.

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