6 – 11 MAY 2019

The two-year TRAVERS journey started in 2018 at the Glyptoteket in Copenhagen. The title was FACE THE PAST. The thematic focus for the interdisciplinary exploration was taking a look at the past: how we understand the past and history – and what happens when we re-tell it?

The next stop on the journey will be Dokk1 in Aarhus, Denmark, where we will take on modern times and explore what characterises the age in which we live. Is our understanding and interpretation of our own age mostly based on the past? Or is it perhaps a dream of the future?  At Dokk1 TRAVERS will use interdisciplinary practices to explore the characteristics of modern times in terms of culture, technology, political trends and existing phenomena such as sensory perception.

TRAVERS will set up camp at Dokk1 – an interactive building that is in close contact to the people of the city, providing a dynamic haven for anyone in quest of knowledge, inspiration and personal growth. In the form of a site-specific laboratory, TRAVERS will explore the life of the building and examine what happens when artistic processes and ideas are expressed in interaction with the physical and social spaces of Dokk1. Though TRAVERS will be based at Dokk1, via the building’s wide-ranging interface it will also move out into the city’s hugely diverse environments for a close encounter with the local communities, which add to the overall contemporary picture.

TRAVERS is a journey into the practice of the artists taking part: an encounter with their strengths and weaknesses. This week at Dokk1 will examine their habits and turn them inside out. In TRAVERS, the journey is the goal, and the journey features a cornucopia of meetings, surprises, shocks and challenges. With luck, we will lose our way and discover new travelling companions in a totally unfamiliar landscape.



TRAVERS brings together a team of hosts from Denmark and abroad, each of whom excels in his or her particular artistic field. The hosts will guide us through their cross-artform practices and methods. So far we have invited the German dramaturg Dorothea Hartmann; the Icelandic multidisciplinary artist Magrét Bjarnadóttir; the Danish visual artist Tanja Nellemann Poulsen; the German curator Matthias Mohr and the Swiss professor in transdisciplinarity Patrick Müller.  Hosts from camp 1 will also be joining us at Dokk1: the Argentine writer, theatre and film director Lola Arias; the Czech dramaturg and set designer Aljoscha Begrich and the Norwegian composer, vocalist and performer Trond Reinholdtsen.

Together with the participants, they will attempt to tackle the issue of the nature of modern times. No-one knows the answers in advance. That is the point of TRAVERS.



Participants for the camp will be selected by means of an Open Call. Read more here

Meet the Present


Alexandra Moltke Johansen
Amdi Silvestri
Ana Sendas
Anders Mosling
Anders Tougaard
Anja Behrens
Anna  Aagaard Jensen
Barbara Wilson
Bernadette Köbele
Bjørn Erik Haugen
Christin Endter
Courtney Coyne-Jensen
Dagmar Radmacher
Denise Burt
Dorte Holbek
Elisabeth Holager Lund
Eloise Sherrid
Emília Goldberg
Fee Römer
Freja Kir
Heidi Maribut
Henriette Groth
Henrik Bay Hansen
Freja Kir
Heidi Maribut
Henriette Groth
Henrik Bay Hansen
Ida Brottmann Hansen
Inge Agnete Tarpgaard
Inger Kirstin Rahbek
Ipek Burçak
Jakob la Cour
Janne Nora Kummer
Julia Koch
Kaja Mærk Egeberg
Kamila Olas
Karen Humle
Karolin Killig
Katrine Elise Leth Nielsen
Kirstine Vindelev
Kitt Maiken Mortensen
Lea Connert
Lena Ditte Nissen
Lisa Brüning
Lore Lixenberg
Lydia Zimmermann
Magdalena Meindl
Marie Dahl
Marie Sønderskov
Masha Fomenko
Mauro Patricelli
Max Gadow
Mette Nielsen
Mingo Rajandi
Miriam Boolsen
Olga Szymula
Peter Flyvholm
Petr Laden
Riikka Gröndahl
Rikke Jørgensen
Ruta Palionyte
Sara Rocha
Sasha Amaya
Signe Klejs Rønsholdt
Sophie Grodin
Sven Björn Popp
Tali Rázga
Tekla Máthé
Thomas Wiesner
Tomasz Szczepaniak
Vincent Chomaz
Weronika Cegielska
Xenia Noetzelmann
Ying-Hsueh Chen