27 MAY – 6 JUNE 2021

The two-year TRAVERS journey started in 2018 at the Glyptoteket in Copenhagen with the title FACE THE PAST. The thematic focus for the interdisciplinary exploration looked to the past: how we understand the past and history – and what happens when we re-tell it? 

The next stop on the journey was at Dokk1 in Aarhus, titled MEET THE PRESENT. The theme was to explore the characteristics of modern times in terms of culture, technology, political trends and existing phenomena such as sensory perception. 

The third, and currently the last stop, on the TRAVERS journey will be at Copenhagen Contemporary where artists and researchers from around the world will have the opportunity to explore how the perspective of the future could incite new ideas, work methods and artistic interactions. What stories and processes lie ahead? How do we educate ourselves for the future? What might we learn from coming generations? And where is our current cross artistic practice heading? 

TRAVERS will set up camp at Copenhagen Contemporary – an international art centre situated in beautiful industrial halls and is one of Scandinavia’s largest exhibition venues for contemporary art as well as a lively meeting place for a wide audience.  

TRAVERS will explore the life of the building and examine what happens when artistic processes and ideas are expressed in interaction with the physical and social spaces of Copenhagen Contemporary.  

Participants for the camp have been selected by means of an Open Call.  



The examination will be qualified by a number of hosts from both Denmark and abroad. Together with the participants, the hosts will examine how their artistic practice can have an impact on the future, and vice versa. CONFRONT THE FUTURE will consist of workshops and seminars ranging in length, offer small dialogue forums for the artists to receive feedback on current or future artistic processes and works and also have a wide public program curated by TRAVERS in collaboration with e.g. Copenhagen Stage, Klang Festival & Copenhagen Contemporary.

Discover some of the hosts and guests for Camp 3 here.

The list of hosts and guests will be updated.



– You do not need to have attended Camp 1 (Copenhagen, 2018) or Camp 2 (Aarhus, 2019) in order to attend Camp 3 (Copenhagen, 2020). However, Camp 1 and 2 participants are very welcome to apply for camp 3. 

– You can apply personally or as an artistic team. If you apply as a team, all team members must log in and make individual applications. 

– TRAVERS will contribute to travel expenses for anyone who is not based in Copenhagen. However, your accommodation during your participation in the camp will be your own responsibility. 

– Please state in your application in which time period you can be here. We prioritize those who can be here full time, but it is possible to apply even though you can’t be here for the full duration. 



  1. 1.Curriculum Vitae (max. 1 page of A4)

File format: PDF 

  1.  Motivated application. The application should contain at least 3 relevant examples of your work, which relate either to the theme or to the cross-artform format.  Support the descriptions with images, video and sound and/or a short text. (maximum 2 A4 pages/ 500 words) 

File Format: PDF (Insert images, video and sound into the PDF or provide a link in the PDF.)