27 MAY – 6 JUNE 2021

The two-year TRAVERS journey started in 2018 at the Glyptoteket in Copenhagen with the title FACE THE PAST. The thematic focus for the interdisciplinary exploration looked to the past: how we understand the past and history – and what happens when we re-tell it? 

The next stop on the journey was at Dokk1 in Aarhus, titled MEET THE PRESENT. The theme was to explore the characteristics of modern times in terms of culture, technology, political trends and existing phenomena such as sensory perception. 

The third, and currently the last stop, on the TRAVERS journey will be at Copenhagen Contemporary where artists and researchers from around the world will have the opportunity to explore how the perspective of the future could incite new ideas, work methods and artistic interactions. What stories and processes lie ahead? How do we educate ourselves for the future? What might we learn from coming generations? And where is our current cross artistic practice heading? 

TRAVERS will set up camp at Copenhagen Contemporary – an international art centre situated in beautiful industrial halls and is one of Scandinavia’s largest exhibition venues for contemporary art as well as a lively meeting place for a wide audience.  

TRAVERS will explore the life of the building and examine what happens when artistic processes and ideas are expressed in interaction with the physical and social spaces of Copenhagen Contemporary.  

Participants for the camp have been selected by means of an Open Call.  



The examination will be qualified by a number of hosts from both Denmark and abroad. Together with the participants, the hosts will examine how their artistic practice can have an impact on the future, and vice versa. CONFRONT THE FUTURE will consist of workshops and seminars ranging in length, offer small dialogue forums for the artists to receive feedback on current or future artistic processes and works and also have a wide public program curated by TRAVERS in collaboration with e.g. Copenhagen Stage, Klang Festival & Copenhagen Contemporary.

Discover some of the hosts and guests for Camp 3 here.

The list of hosts and guests will be updated.



Thematic Route 1

HEY, WHERE ARE WE NOW? / Hosts: Eva Meyer-Keller & Cuqui Jerez  

Where are we now? Eva and Cuqui meet to set up a dialogue between their current practices and questions, that extends to the participants and their own questions, practices and subjectivities. In the first part (online) we will focus more on individual work in dialogue with each other; connected in different ways like telephone calls, emails, audio messages and chains of materials that will be passed on, one to one, etc. In the second part we will physically meet in Copenhagen and work collectively. Our desire is to enable an open collective dialogue and research experience. 

Participants: First 5 days digital, last 5 days present in Copenhagen.


Thematic Route 2

THE THIRD WAY / Host: Kai Johnsen

The future will and must demand different approaches to how we organize and produce artistic work. From where does this idea that we can separate the way we organize (socially, financially ect.) from the aesthetic and political consequences our work might have, come? Both the «main-stream» and «the avant-garde» is going through a severe crisis of impotence and «authonomy». Is a third-way possible? Is there time for more activistic formats, a different understanding of (professional) «roles», «lighter» strategies, and new understandings of collectivity? How can we escape the neo-liberal modes of «creation» – and organize and make art that stimulates another kind of potential social fantasy?

Participants: Digital and present in Copenhagen.


Thematic Route 3


Potentialities (truth or dare): A physical exploration of the potential of the body to move and be moved. I want to work with the idea of potential and fantasy — with what it means to take a step you’ve never taken or to speak aloud a thought that has until now been unsaid. Beginning every day with physical tasks and improvisations while also providing a platform for each and every one to try out new and old ideas – solo or in collaboration.

Participants: Present (and digital) in Copenhagen.


Thematic Route 4

I AM NOT WHAT YOU SEE / Host: Lilibet Cuenca Rasmussen

This route, centered around Lilibet Cuenca Rasmussen’s current cross-disciplinary exhibition/performance at CC I am not what you see, will explore questions of ethnicity, gender, social relations, and examining the living spaces which, in various ways, thematises the nomadic life. The route will interact, inhabit and animate with the four installations  in Lillibeths exhibition. 

The nomadic theme questions our stereotypical imaginations of each other and makes us wonder about possible relations in the future. 

Participants: Digital and present in Copenhagen.          


Thematic Route 5


In this workshop we will focus on a whole range of different visions of what opera and music theatre could be and what we want them to be, led very much by the interests and ambitions of our workshop participants.  We will look at different hierarchies and ways of collaborating, different relationships between text, music and stagecraft, and explore our conceptual and dramaturgical thinking.  Whether over zoom or in person, we will work in a variety of ways, from discussions with the whole group, small breakout group exercises, individual work and looking at the work of others.  The emphasis will be on form, concept, ideas, creativity, aesthetics, rather than details or polished work.

Participants: Digital and present in Copenhagen.


Thematic Route 6

THE HOPE OF THE FUTURE / Host: Sara Topsøe-Jensen. 

We will challenge nihilism and dystopia by embracing a larger perspective on life, time and space. We will explore the science and experience of interconnectedness as a phenomenon that tells us something important about reality. The workshop will provide possibilities for exploring our common longings and hopes, based on courage, trust and curiosity as the cornerstone of a creative process. We will explore how to work as autonomous artists and at the same time, work for and be more interested in the collective whole.

Participants: Present in Copenhagen.


Thematic Route 7


How can we document the present to change the future? How much can we actually do in our immediate surroundings of documenting, researching and sharing with others the things we want to change in our society? During the workshop Lola Arias and Bibiana Mendez will guide the artists to develop a lecture performance based on archive material created by the artist. This archive will become the starting point of a performance, a debate, an action, a ritual to call for a better future.

Participants: 100% digital workshop with specific scheduled sessions, kindly make sure you can participate correspondingly with the scheduled session: 

    1. Monday        24.05: 18:00-21:00 
    2. Saturday       29.05: 10:00-13:00 
    3. Monday        31.05: 18:00-21:00 
    4. Wednesday   02.05: 18:00- 21:00 
    5. Friday           04.05: 10:00-13:00 


Thematic Route 8

THE WRITING ON THE WALL / Hosts: Aljoscha Begrisch, Jo Preußler & Stefan Reuter

The future of the city is written on the walls. Everywhere, in backyards, construction sites, toilets and trains, there are words written that no one reads. We think that these words contain warnings for the future and content a ground-breaking knowledge. Together with the participants we want to decipher and interpret the text of the city. Afterwards each artist selects a prophecy and translates it into his or her discipline. With the help of the works of art, the warning is to be made audible and visible (choreography, music, chants, posters, costumes, gestures, pictures) in a joint art procession / demonstration through the city.

Participants: First 5 days digital, last 5 days present in Copenhagen.