Surprise by Answers

Evaluation question:

What kind of soils do the interdisciplinary fields grow in? [SURPRISE BY ANSWER]

braveness and risk
Patient soils
Moisty messy non governed playful well catered and open-minded soils
The soil of a hyper-personal presence
Open-minded, friendly, crazy, fearless, international, not afraid of failure
They grow in the rough soil between the cracks and sometimes their surprising blooms take over the whole landscape for a while.
Sharing & honest soil
I think interdisciplinary practice is like weeds, which are some of the most underrated amazing plants. A kind of plant that is always out-of-place and undesired in regulated fields or manicured gardens. However, weeds are some of the most resilient and strong growths, and if they have to, they can grow on anything; along the highway, at the foot of a concrete building, in-between the flowers in a garden, vertically in a crack in a wall. They stand there in small groups, precarious yet insisting, and permanently returning in new forms however often they are cut down. If they would have actual fields and space to grow in, they would sprawl and build multiplicities of qualities.
Fertile but craving to be watered after the dry season.
In soils that give you the opportunity to communicate, in soils that give you freedom, in soils where they help to open your gaze, in soils that teach you love, in soils that are open to listen to you, in soils that are durable and genuine without hypocrisy,
in soils like Travers!
Thanks for everything!
Soil that allows shadow
From a PHYTO point of view it would be definitely a very muddy, bubbly, and sometimes stinky mess of organic material, with seeds and minerals so that new things will grow whilst still old material lingers and disintegrates slowly into the growing of new stuff that can’t help but having to struggle from time to time with epi-genetics.
Expansion – at this point in time – feels quite new and exciting. In the past year I feel like my world shrank, cutting me off from many possible directions and opportunities. I look forward to feeling the thrill of the unknown, to visiting a new place and entering new spaces, to being able to connect with others again and to grow in new soil.
In deep, warm and generous soils of sensitive and curious nature.
Watery soils, fluid, with lots of warmth and courage to dare to love and stay in the open.
Interdisciplinary fields grow in trust, curiosity and honesty.
Interdisciplinary fields need common ground with soft and at the same time firm soil. This is the ground of poetry, which means precision, paradox, humor, metaphysics -which is a living dialogue- and presence.
18. A soil filled with curiosity. A soil where there are (artistic) seeds, (resources) water and someone to nurture it. But I think it is being made already. Being part of Travers is an example of that. We are conquering land.
Less words please.
More intangibles.
More PHYSICAL statements, than high-lix babble.
On the ground of trust, curiosity, love and risk that hopefully every multidisciplinary artist takes.