By interdisciplinary artist Kristoffer Ørum

A long and sticky now is a performative lecture that utilizes the props and techniques of an academic power point presentation in a playful and explorative manner. It is a “lecture” about sticky time that along the way turns into an unsuccessful interspecies conversation with a houseplant, and a very error prone speech recognition engine. As the lecture progress things become more and more unfamiliar the closer we look. Using surveillance techniques such as facial, object and speech recognition the performance summons a digital counter imaginary to the dominant ideas of control and predictability. It asks if we might be able recover some semblance of agency and hope in a present dominated by ever more algorithmic surveillance, through the same technologies that are used to surveil and control us.  Positions misunderstanding and inaccuracy as alternatives to what seems to be a widespread sense of powerlessness in the face of algorithmic sales hyperbole and fearmongering.

Free admittance.

The performance lectures is presented in collaboration with Internet Week Denmark

May 8 @ 20:00
20:00 — 21:30 (1h 30′)

Dokk1, Store Sal