Hosts: Sebastian Hanusa & Dorothea Hartmann

Guest host on Thursday 9 May: Trond Reinholdtsen

This route will be exploring the potential of the artistic encounter between text and music/sound and visual language. It will examine how the process of a Gesamtkunstwerk can be inspired by predefined artistic obstacles or different conceptual approaches.


Music theatre is interdisciplinary art par excellence. It combines in a performative situation the elements sound, picture, movement and text.  Music theatre is developed in a collaborative process between artists who are highly specialized in their own field of work and at the same time obliged to create in a multidisciplinary way, looking for the synthesis of different artistic languages and ways of expression.

In our workshop we would like to work both analytically and synthetically in terms of these interdisciplinary processes of music theatre. We would like to provoke the experience of playing with unknown disciplines to explore a different point of view towards one’s own profession. But you as a participant will also bring your own profession and individuality into the work.

We wouldn’t like to define a theme of our workshop. But we would like to set a formal frame as working thesis. The development of music theatre leaving the black boxes and white cubes of art spaces initiated new ideas of working in and with concrete locations: the presence of a room, space, landscape, social situation or historical heritage of specific places gets into the focus of the artistic dialogue. This will be also the starting point of the camp session “Music theatre of the present”: the opposition of two antithetic dispositions – open field and closed chamber.

“Open field” means leaving the shelter and security of art spaces and let confront oneself with the world outside: to interact with social and political reality, with nature or a cultural landscape or just the “real life”. “Closed chambers” are locations of concentration, contemplation, places with intimacy – or claustrophobia. This contradiction is also inspired by the character of Dokk1: a multifunctional “art temple” (including this fascinating automatic car parking!) but also located at the transition between land and see, town and harbor, nature and civilization. And Dokk1 is open to many and diverse parts of urban society: a place of cooperation, networking, communication and bridging people.


Tuesday, 7 May: Pitching session + Presentation of the objects the participants have brought with them. Discussion, creative working space.

Wednesday, 8 May: Working with the elements in a preset working structure. Reenactment of a working structure. (group of 3 artists)

Thursday, 9 May: Working in groups (3 artists): thinking the closed chamber in an open field.

Friday, 10 May: Working in groups (3 artists): thinking the open field in a closed chamber.

Saturday, 11 May: Final discussion, presentation of sketches, exposés, performances.

Dorothea Hartmann

Photo by Bettina Stöß

Sebastian Hanusa


May 9 @ 10:00
10:00 — 16:00 (6h)

Dokk1, Lille Sal