This route will consist of a range of smaller workshops and explore the audio-visual and physical languages of an interdisciplinary process. It will discuss the role and the conceptual definition of the performer in contemporary art.

Tuesday, 7 May – Getting into Presence

Hosts: artistic director Matthias Mohr and professor Patrick Müller

The presence of our place: The introductory workshop will draw lines between the participants, their practices, and our mutual surroundings during the Travers-week, the architecture of Dokk1. How are we shaped by our physical and symbolic environment, and how do we actively shape it?

Patrick Müller

Patrick Müller

Matthias Mohr, Photo by Andr Wunstorf

Wednesday, 8 May – Eurydike? vol. 1

Hosts: composer Helmut Oehring, stage director Stefanie Wördemann & sound designer Torsten Ottersberg

The presence of our history: Eurydike? vol. 1 – a first part in a coming series of documentary-poetic works by Helmut Oehring and his team, performed in Aarhus in the SPOR festival – focuses on female perspectives in male dramas. The work and the workshop is about a quest for language in music and gesture, performance and dance, sound and video.

Helmut Oehring, Photo by Sebastian Linder

Stefanie Wördemann

Thursday 9 May and Friday 10 May – Walk and Talk

Hosts: interdisciplinary artists Margrét Bjarndóttir and Lola Arias (as a guest on Friday)

The presence of your body: Every body is an endless well of movements. In the workshop, we do not direct, we do not take decisions – but we listen to our currents and the weather that is going on inside us at the moment. And then we just follow it.

Margrét Bjarnadóttir, photo by Hákon Davíð Björnsson

Margrét Bjarnadottír, Photo by Hákon Davíð Björnsson

Lola Arias

Lola Arias, Photo by Catalina Bartolomé


May 9 @ 10:00
10:00 — 16:00 (6h)