Glyptoteket 2018

Christine Buhl Andersen
Photo by Les Kaner

Christine Buhl Andersen (1967) is a Danish art historian, curator and museum director. Andersen is cand.mag in Danish and Art History with a master in museology and museum management. She has over 20 years’ experience working in the museum and gallery field among others at Louisiana, Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, Sorø Kunstmuseum and in Kunststyrelsen. In 2007 she became the director of KØS – (Museum for art in the public space in Køge, Denmark) and since 2017 she has been the director of Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket in Copenhagen.

Christine Buhl Andersen participated in the visionary meeting “The Return of the Grand Narrative” on Thursday 29 Nov 2018.



Glyptoteket 2018

Photo by Lola Arias
Photo by Catalina Bartolomé

Lola Arias (1976) is an Argentinian author, performer, theatre and film director. Her work investigates the interface between reality and fiction and she collaborates with people from different backgrounds (war veterans, former communists, Bulgarian children, etc.) in her theatre, literature, music, film and art projects. One of Arias’s latest theatre plays called Minefield (2016) brings together British and Argentinian veterans of the Falkland/Malvinas war to share their experience of the conflict and life since then. The protagonists in Minefield are also part of her feature film Theatre of war (2018) which was selected for the 68th Forum of the Berlinale Film Festival.

Website of Lola Arias

Lola Arias is a TRAVERS host. Her film Theatre of War was screened on Wednesay 28 Nov followed by a conversation between her and Mads Brügger.




Mary Beard
Photo by Robin Cormack

Mary Beard (1955) is one of Britain’s best-known Classicists – Professor at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Newnham College. She has written numerous books on the Ancient World including the Wolfson Prize-winning Pompeii: The Life of a Roman Town, has presented highly-acclaimed TV series, Meet the Romans and Rome – Empire without Limit, and is a regular broadcaster and media commentator. Mary is one of the presenters for the BBC’s recent landmark Civilisations series. Mary is also Classics editor of the Times Literary Supplement and writes a thought-provoking blog, A Don’s Life. Made an OBE in 2013 for services to Classical scholarship, her latest books include the critically-acclaimed SPQR – A History of Ancient Rome and thought-provoking Women & Power. Most recently Mary has been made a Dame in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list 2018.

Mary Beard was in conversation with TV host and architect Ane Cortzen Thursday 29 Nov in the Banquette Hall at Glyptoteket. The conversation focused on how to avoid that history imposes stories on us that oppress us as human beings.




Photo of Aljoscha Begrich
Photo by York Maecke

Aljoscha Begrich (1977) is a Czech dramaturg and set designer living in Berlin. Begrich studied art history, philosophy and cultural studies in Berlin, Buenos Aires and Mexico City, and worked afterwards as a set designer for independent groups and multiple theatres including Staatstheater Stuttgart and University of Columbia in NY. His dramaturgical career has taken him in many directions, and he has worked with many companies both in and outside of Europe. Since 2014 he has been the permanent dramaturg at Gorki Theater and at Rimini Protokol in Berlin. Begrich combines a holistic view with a keen eye for the ingredients of the primordial stories of mankind, which enables him to give inspiring feedback for writers, composers, directors, sound- and visual artists.

Aljoscha Begrich is a TRAVERS host. Together with Tue Biering he conceptualized the chain reaction event How did you end up here? that flash mobbed in the Banquette Hall on Saturday December 1 presenting all the participating TRAVERS artists like a huge sculpture park.




Photo of Tue Biering
Photo by Natascha Thiara Rydvald

Tue Biering (1973) is a Danish theatre director. Over the last 20 years he has initiated and directed a wide range of performances: new dramatic pieces, classics, operas, interactive performances among others. He has received several prizes latest a Reumert in 2018. Biering takes on our notions of the world and shows us new aspects of what surrounds us and the stories we believed we knew. Under the pseudonym Fix&Foxy he turns classics into hyperreal performances by staging “real” people instead of performers, e. g. in the remediation of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks where residents from a small village in the countryside took the audience on a journey into their world on the outskirts of Denmark. Biering challenges and provokes audience’s usual ideas about theatre and invites them to interact and take a stand.

Website of Tue Biering

Tue Biering is a TRAVERS host. Together with Aljoscha Begrich he conceptualized the chain reaction event How did you end up here? that flash mobbed in the Banquette Hall on Saturday December 1 presenting all the participating TRAVERS artists like a huge sculpture park.




Cathie Boyd
Photo by Louise Mather

Cathie Boyd is an internationally respected director, producer and curator known for her ability to inspire others and her strong leadership of creative endeavour. With over 25 years of experience, she is able to work across art forms, from opera to music, visual arts and film while being able to work at a strategic and practical level, often working in new and unusual ways to achieve goals. Cathie has been instrumental in providing a key platform for artists around the world by creating Glasgow’s Sonica Festival in 2012. She also has much experience in working with new technologies for performance and was made a Fellow of NESTA in 2002 to develop the visual staging of live music.

Cathie Boyd was a part of a side program organized by the Development Platform for performing arts called Producing the vision about how to work as creative producers in the cross-art field.




Mads Brügger

Mads Brügger (1972) is a Danish Journalist, TV-host, author and film director. He has written several books, worked for magazines and newspapers, produced award winning radio programmes and hosted the critically acclaimed late night TV-programme Den 11. time/The 11th hour as well as the daily news/debate programme Deadline. Brügger is renowned for his distinctive methods of performative journalism mixing journalism, satire and staging in such documentary films as Sundance winner The Red Chapel (2009) and The Ambassador (2011).

Mads Brügger was in conversation with Lola Arias after the screening of her film Theatre of War on Wednesday November 28.




Cecilie Brøns

Cecilie Brøns is a Danish postdoctoral fellow at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen, where she is the director of an interdisciplinary research project on the polychromy of ancient art and architecture, financed by the Carlsberg Foundation. She received her PhD in Classical Archaeology in 2015 from The National Museum of Denmark and The Danish National Research Foundation’s Centre for Textile research (CTR) at the University of Copenhagen. Brøns’s research concentrates on ancient polychromy and textiles as well as on the importance and effect of the senses for our perception and understanding of ancient sculpture.

Cecilie Brøns was in conversation with Lola Arias about recreating the unknown history, Wednesday November 28.




Elvis Duo

Henrik Busborg (1966) is a Danish tribute-artist. He is known for his performances as an Elvis Presley-impersonator. He has been touring Germany, Sweden, USA and Denmark alongside with his orchestra called Henrik Busborg & the Devils and the duo Elvis Duo together with the bassist Torben Balle. Elvis Duo is a musical stand-up show, in which the audiences participate and where musicality, the joy of performing and the love for the music of Elvis burns through every single stanza. Busborg is two-time Danish Elvis Presley Impersonation Champion and was in 2012 named the best impersonator in the Nordic Region in 2012.

Elvis Duo performed in several of the galleries in Glyptoteket at the public event Wearing History, Thursday November 29.




Michaela Coventry

Michaela Coventry is an Australian creative director and producer with a career spanning 20 years and all artforms. She is currently the creative director of Sage Arts and acting executive producer of Lucy Guerin Inc. In demand as an executive producer for organisations and as a creative producer of interdisciplinary work, Michaela has worked with many of Australia’s most exciting arts organisations, including Speak Percussion (2015-2017) where she produced tours across Europe and Asia; Megafun (2013-2014) where she produced the National Gal-lery of Victoria’s Melbourne Now Dance Program, curated by Antony Hamilton.

Michaela Coventry was a part of a side program organized by the Development Platform for performing arts called Producing the vision about how to work as creative producers in the cross-art field.




Katrina Duncan

Katrina Duncan is a British arts manager with over thirty years’ experience of arts management and consultancy across all performing arts, with much of her work in the field of arts and social equality. Currently freelance, she has a portfolio building on her previous experience such as evaluating arts participation and learning activity (for, among others, Dance United, Look Ahead Housing & Care and Creative Partnerships), teaching various aspects of arts management (Independent Theatre Council, University of Sussex and Birkbeck) and mentoring and supporting staff and organisations through change and development (Unicorn Theatre and The Lawnmowers).

Katrina Duncan was a part of a side program organized by the Development Platform for performing arts called Producing the vision about how to work as creative producers in the cross-art field.




Photo: Jeppe Ernst

Jeppe Ernst (1985) is a Danish composer; newly graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2018. Ernst is recognized as one of the most original voices in the Danish avantgarde music at the moment and his compositions often ask the most fundamental questions about the phenomenon of music. In his consistent perspective, music is not sound and/or tones, but movements and (social) interaction in the fullest sense. Thus, his music expresses an exploration of the action of music from different angles. Ernst’s works have been presented on various festivals in Denmark and abroad such as SPOR festival, Ung Nordisk Musik festival 2013, KLANG festival and SMK Fridays.

Jeppe Ernst’s piece Prayer; the fourth and the last piece of his debut work, Offertorium, was performed by SCENATET at the public event Wearing History, Thursday November 29.




Sebastian Eskildsen

Sebastian Eskildsen is a Danish sound designer currently based at the Royal Danish Theatre as a sound engineer. Eskildsen has a background as a flutist and sound engineer from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, and has collaborated with many artists from different artforms. The partnership with poet Cia Rinne gave birth to the sound work sounds for soloists in 2011/2012.

Sebastian Eskildsen presented together with Cia Rinne the first performance of extracts from Cia Rinne’s multilingual poetry collection, leçon du mot at the public event Wearing History, Thursday November 29.




John Fulljames
Photo by Natascha Rydvald

John Fulljames (1972) is a British opera director and currently the artistic director of the Royal Danish Opera. Between 2011 and 2017 Fulljames was the associate director at The Royal Opera in London and prior to that he led The Opera Group (now Mahogany Opera Group). Fulljames is a firm believer in combining the arts, as he once stated in a interview with The Telegraph: “Opera must inhabit the contemporary arts landscape: at the moment, it tends to stand a bit apart. It needs to interact more with film, dance, visual arts and engage with new ideas –­ and that’s the path which I want everything I do to take.”

John Fulljames participated in the visionary meeting “The Return of the Grand Narrative” on Thursday 29 Nov 2018.




Dorothea Hartmann
Photo by Bettina Stöß

Dorothea Hartmann is a German dramaturg. Since 2012 she has been the Head Dramaturg at Deutche Oper Berlin and Artistic Director of Tischlerei – an experimental stage in the opera house. Tichlerei explores new ways for contemporary music theatre, working in an interdisciplinary field. Hartmann has a long career as a dramaturg at various opera houses and theatres in Germany, incl. Staatsoper Hannover and Landestheater Linz. She has been a member of the Jury of the German theatre award Der Faust and held other positions within the theatre field. Hartmann is also a librettist and has worked with composers such as Stefan Johannes Hanke, Lin Wang and Peter Androsch.

Dorothea Hartmann participated in the visionary meeting “The Return of the Grand Narrative” on Thursday 29 Nov 2018.




Jens Haaning
Photo by Mikkel Carl

Jens Haaning (1965) is a Danish visual artist. Haaning’s work often revolves around political and social themes with a provocative or challenging aspect. He is interested in the power structures and social differences that inhabit our society and has given frame to people, who are generally not represented in familiar images like a fashion magazine, a calendar etc. (e.g. The Refuge Calendar, 2002). Haaning’s work creates an intellectual and emotional space for the audience to reflect upon what society is and does and what influence art has upon it. Haaning has exhibited worldwide on museums, galleries and with interventions in the public space.

Website of Jens Haaning

Jens Haaning is a TRAVERS host and participated in conversations with the TRAVERS artists about history as manipulator.




Finn Thorbjørn Hansen (1963) is a Danish author, professor and Ph.d. at Aarhus University. Hansen’s area of specialization is philosophical counselling, philosophy of education and existential pedagogy in higher education and citizenship education. Hansen’s current research interests range over the existential/spiritual dimension of career guidance and adult and higher education, existential philosophy and hermeneutics; the idea of existential and Socratic citizenship and the relationship between Theory & Practice in the perspective of Practical Knowledge, and the use of Philosophical Counselling and Socratic Dialogue Groups in Higher Education and teacher and counsellor training.

Finn Thorbjørn Hansen was in conversation with artist Sara Topsøe-Jensen about how to work and wonder in cross-art collaborations. The conversation was the start off of the first TRAVERS camp and moderated by researcher Rikke Lund Heinsen.




Marianne Klint is a Danish theatre manager and committee member for Performing Arts under the Danish Art Foundation. Since 2009 Klint has been manager at Teater Momentum in Odense, a theatre that has great success with the concept of changing the artistic director each year. From being in the music-, theatre and dance field in many years, Klint has great experience with procedures of cultural leadership, planning, sale, fundraising, controlling and management of economy. She has a solid founded knowledge of Danish and international music drama, contemporary dance, ballet, opera, classical music, drama and children’s theatre.

Marianne Klint participated in the visionary meeting “The Return of the Grand Narrative” on Thursday 29 Nov 2018.




Matthias Mohr is a German curator and dramaturg with an expertise in music theatre and dance. He is currently working at Radialsystem; an experimental stage in Berlin. Mohr was part of the programme team of the Ruhrtriennale from 2012-2014 and has had a long-term collaboration with the composer and theater director Heiner Goebbels. In 2018 Mohr was a member of the selection jury for the Tanzplattform in Germany and until the end of June he worked as a dramaturg at PACT Zollverein in Essen, with a curatorial focus in the fields of contemporary dance and performance.

Matthias Mohr participated in the visionary meeting “The Return of the Grand Narrative” on Thursday 29 Nov 2018.




Maarit Mustonen & Anne Naukkarinen
Photo by Rine Rodin

Maarit Mustonen (1986) and Anne Naukkarinen (1987) are Helsinki based artists who have collaborated since 2014. Naukkarinen has a background in dance and choreography, Mustonen in working with language and lens-based images. When collaborating, they combine their working methods and knowledge through installations, performances, sound pieces and publications. Naukkarinen and Mustonen share an interest in working with body, language and temporal situations. Their collaborative works have been shown for example at SIC (Helsinki), Kutomo (Turku), Mad House Helsinki, Paulo Foundation’s exhibition (Helsinki) and Accademia Albertina (Turin).

Maarit Mustonen and Anne Naukkarinen presented their work Hear her ears here at the public event Wearing History on Thursday Nov 29. The site-specific poetic performance ‘transcribed’ some of the incomprehensible Danish conversations, which the two Finnish artists had overheard and ‘put on’ during their residency at Glyptoteket.




Patrick Müller
Patrick Müller

Patrick Müller is professor for media of transdisciplinarity at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). He studied music, musicology, German literature and cultural management in Zürich, Paris and Basel. Between 1998-2005 he was the editor of the bilingual magazine for new music “Dissonance” and artistic director of Collegium Novum Zürich), an ensemble for new music with a local concert series as well as international concert tours. Müller has worked together with a variety of composers and conductors such as Pierre Boulez, Heinz Holliger, Luciano Berio, Helmut Lachenmann, Klaus Huber, Beat Furrer, Salvatore Sciarrino, Olga Neuwirth and Isabel Mundry. He founded the Master of Transdisciplinary Studies at ZHdK (since 2008) as well as a transcultural study centre for the arts, Connecting Spaces, in Hong Kong (2013-17).

Patrick Müller participated in the visionary meeting “The Return of the Grand Narrative” on Thursday 29 Nov 2018.




Anne Marie Nielsen

Anne Marie Nielsen holds a Magister Degree in classical archeology and is curator in the ancient collection at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Since 1980 Nielsen has curated exhibitions and published writings about the collection of the museum, latest being the Enriched and Drunk about a Roman silver treasure (Beriget og Beruset – om en romersk sølvskat). She is currently working on a big exhibition about the Syrian desert city Palmyra. The exhibition will be launched in September 2019.

Anne Marie Nielsen was in conversation with dramaturg Aljoscha Begrich about the subjective narrative of a historical collection, Monday Nov 26.




Marie Nipper

Marie Nipper (1979) is a Danish curator, art historian and the director of Copenhagen Contemporary. Previously she was Senior Curator at Tate Liverpool and Chief Curator at ARoS Art Museum. Nipper has curated a long row of international exhibitions and consulted on several major commissions for public and private institutions and companies. In addition, Nipper has published several books and catalogues in both English and Danish such as BECOMING HUMAN Skulptur Odense 2017 – a catalogue filled with mediating texts on how human beings establish themselves in relation to animals. Another of Nipper’s publications is ETERNAL which is a collection of Michael Utzons photografies all the way up to today. Nipper is interested in creating new and engaging art experiences for visiting guests.

Marie Nipper participated in the visionary meeting “The Return of the Grand Narrative” on Thursday 29 Nov 2018.




Photo of Bent Nørgaard

Bent Nørgaard (1957) is a Danish artist. He works as a director, librettist and a playwright and teaches at the Danish National Academy of Music. He has mostly worked with new written chamber operas in Denmark. The last 5 years Nørgaard has been artist in residence at Esbjerg Ensemble, with whom he had staged several concerts. From 2004 – 2010 he was head of Centre for Arts and Science at University of Southern Denmark where he curated cross-disciplinary works between artists and scientists. Nørgaard’s artistic research includes studies in the composer’s own work with hybrids between music and theatre from romanticism until today.

Bent Nørgaard presented his research project: Cross-disciplinarity core-notions and methods, a research project in cooperation with the Danish National Academy of Music and TRAVERS.




Photo of Trond Reinholdtsen

Trond Reinholdtsen (1972) is a Norwegian composer and vocalist. In his early years as a composer Reinholdtsen composed modernistic, complex works in the German style and performed as a singer in the ensemble Nordic Voices. Over the last years Reinholdtsen’s music has developed in a performative direction, where conventional music is layered with performative elements such as essayistic interpretations, live-camera filming and elements like face-making and statistical facts. He often rounds off his compositions with the “composer’s speech to the audience”; a speech that may be performed live on screen or via a recording. Reinholdtsen’s highly extreme and original pieces have been presented at various festivals incl. Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

Website of Trond Reinholdtsen

Trond Reinholdtsen is a TRAVERS host and presented the manifest of the Norwegian Opra: The Return of the Grand Narratives; a radical take on how the gesamtkunstwerk can reconquer the big stories and give art a central place in society. The presentation provided the fuel for a visionary meeting about cross-disciplinarities experiences and challenges, Thursday Nov 29.




Photo of Cia Rinne

Cia Rinne, born in Gothenburg/Sweden and grown up in Germany, is a poet based in Berlin. She is the author of three volumes of poetry as well as documentary books, and a philosophical dialogue for the stage. Her minimalist poetic work is composed in different languages, serving as scores for the performances, and frequently shown in museums and galleries. Her latest publications include l’usage du mot (Héros-limte/Genève, Gyldendal/Copenhagen, and kookbooks/Berlin 2017), Skal vi blinde os selv og forlade Theben (Shall we blind ourselves and leave Thebes, Virkelig/Copenhagen 2017) as well as notes for soloists (OEI Editör/Stockholm 2009; Gyldendal/Copenhagen 2018). Her works have been set to sound and music by Sebastian Eskildsen (sounds for soloists, 2011). At Travers, Cia Rinne and Sebastian Eskildsen will perform their latest collaboration leçon du mot [le son du mot].

Together with sound designer Sebastian Eskildsen, Cia Rinne presented the first performance of extracts from her multilingual poetry collection, leçon du mot, at the public event Wearing History, Thursday November 29.




SCENATET: Aspern Suite (2018)
Photo by Marc Fluri

SCENATET is a young Copenhagen-based experimental ensemble, founded by Anna Berit Asp Christensen in 2008. The ensemble works in a field between contemporary music and conceptual art, often with a surprisingly non-instrumental, sensuous and bodily approach to exploring the relation between music, art and people. With a special focus on creating concert experiences, SCENATET works passionately with dramaturgy and the staging of every performance to facilitate experiential spaces where the audience gets close to the musical pieces performed. To SCENATET, it is essential to break free of traditional and solemn concert formats, and instead let the music intertwine with the audience in new, immediate ways and emerge in an informal contemporary context, with room for modern views on social and artistic meetings.


SCENATET performed composer Jeppe Ernst’s piece Prayer; the fourth and the last piece of his debut work, Offertorium, at the public event Wearing History, Thursday November 29.




Jacob F. Schokking (1956) is a Danish artist educated from Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Belgium. Schokking is the founder and artistic director of Holland House an art establishment that produces theatre, opera and concerts that relate to the world we live in now. Schokking has developed a ground-breaking way of staging based on his training as a visual artist. He has created a highly original style with an extensive use of video projections and digital graphics, that has gained increasing recognition in Denmark and abroad and awarded him several prizes.

Holland House

Jacob F. Schokking moderated the visionary meeting “The Return of the Grand Narrative” on Thursday 29 Nov 2018.




Sara Topsøe-Jensen (1971) is a Danish actress and the founder and artistic director of Carte Blanche – a theatre based in Viborg, Denmark. A common feature for Carte Blanche’s poetic performances is the use of visuality and site specificity with a focus on the meeting between the performer and the audience throughout different sensuous tableaus. The theatre has toured in 27 different countries such as Australia, Russia, Greenland and Canada and worked with a variety of international performers. Topsøe-Jensen has been nominated for local and international awards such as The Reumert Jury’s Special Award for the two performances LIFE LIVE! by Carte Blanche og Cantabile 2 in Denmark, 2013; The 2008 ASSITEJ Award for Artistic Excellence at the ASSITEJs XVI World Congress in Adelaide, Australien in May 2008 and the Rosamund Gilder/ Martha Coigney International Award of League of Professional Theatre Women in New York, September 2011.

Carte Blanche

Sara Topsøe-Jensen was in conversation with philosopher Finn Thorbjørn Hansen about how to work and wonder in cross-art collaborations. The conversation was the start off of the first TRAVERS camp and moderated by researcher Rikke Lund Heinsen.




Courtesy the artist, Galeria Francisco Fino, Lisbon, Jan Mot, Brussels, and T293, Rome
Courtesy the artist, Galeria Francisco Fino, Lisbon, Jan Mot, Brussels, and T293, Rome

Tris Vonna-Michell (1982) is a British sound artist and poet based in Stockholm. Vonna-Michell has performed and exhibited worldwide and was one of the four nominees for the Tuner Prize in 2014 for his solo piece Postscript (Berlin). The work of Vonna-Michell is characterized by exploring how stories are being constructed and perceived through the structuring of multilayered narratives using sound compositions, spoken word, slide shows, photography and film elements. His work often contains a branched network of stories from his personal background, myths, rumors and historical facts, which in its nonlinear and fragmented appearance questions the fact that the human brain can never achieve exact knowledge.

Website of Tris Vonna-Michell

Tris Vonna-Michell is a TRAVERS host and presented his piece Chopin designed specially for Glyptoteket.