Where do we turn if we want to work across artistic movements and disciplines? How do we find the yet undiscovered communities that inhabit the cross-art interface? How do we set free our artistic practice?

TRAVERS is a platform to search for answers. It will provide the space to challenge our habits, thinking and attitudes. TRAVERS aims to seek out new processes and relationships, to extend our artistic language and pave the way for new cross-artform works.

TRAVERS is a two-year journey into a cross-arts terra incognita. On the road from mid 2018 → mid 2020, TRAVERS will encompass workshops, symposia, readings and showcases for artists from all disciplines, nations and backgrounds.

→ The first stop on the journey will be at Glyptoteket, Copenhagen, where we together with pioneering masters will set up camp in week 48.

TRAVERS is free. The cost to you? Serious commitment!


→ We will have an Open Call on 30 August 2018 where you can apply to be part of TRAVERS.

More information will appear on this site in mid August. So, for now: mark your diary!

See you soon!

Artistic Directors Louise Beck & Anna Berit Asp Christensen