The TRAVERS CATALOGUE came into being as a part of the TRAVERS journey during camp 3, Confront the Future. It also marks a culmination of the TRAVERS project.


Lukas Quist Lund and Rikke Lund Heinsen took responsibility for conceptualizing, gather and curate the catalogue. Please contact us for any errors in regard to this catalogue via.


The content of this catalogue is to different degrees made collectively by the people involved in the TRAVERS project during camp 3. Some as an individual responds, other more as a joint respond to different inter- and intra-actions. Bottom line: We all affect each other in different, uncontrollable, and open ways. The content of this catalogue is a selection from a larger amount of material of most medias.


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Thanks to all hosts and participants at TRAVERS.


Thanks to the TRAVERS team.

Also big thanks to our partners: Copenhagen Contemporary and CPH Stage.


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Statens Kunstfond and Nordisk Kulturfond.