Introduction 1

Synonyms: Verb: enroll, (also enrol), enterindexinscribelistput downrecordregisterscheduleslate… this catalogue we have tried to do that in different ways concerning the last and final round of TRAVERS camps in Copenhagen, Mai/June 2021. Diving into the catalogue is a possibility to read, listen, recap, remember or get inspired by different people’s artistic processes throughout the 10 days stay at Copenhagen Contemporary. It is a possibility to choose specific parts of the catalogue and find out what it contains or to go through it all as a massive bunch of material with potentials or quantity. It is a landscape of investigations, acknowledgements, try outs, choices, statements, gaps and novel understandings. Please dive into it with all your curiosity and ability to wonder. The artistic cross disciplinary field is a constant journey of constant travellers and traversers.

By Rikke Lund Heinsen.

Introduction 2


It is, what it is – a contain, filled with things – including non-things. What then? What is left out? What was uncatalogable? What disturbs us wonderfully?

Which entanglements will meaningfully take place due to you engaging with this? How small, and still how great, an impact are you willing to imagine and seek out from this catalogue?

Hello, filled silenced and moving boundary from a wakeful dream – how is meeting this unpredictable and surprising tissue of TRAVERS?

Keep in mind, that this is something else than a documentation. This is not thought through rationally. This is hard. This is messy within a made-up order. Keep in mind to confront what you-don’t-know-that-you-don’t-know – what are our entanglement with this? How do this affect us?


It’s a point not to write more, and still write this.

By Lukas Lund.