Premise + Invitation

Premise: One thought many projects – many projects many voices


(Dear TRAVERS participants)

This is an invitation. Or more likely – this is invitations in plural.


This is invitations to participate in creating a shared catalogue of experiences, knowledge, doubts, ideas, memories, wonder and a lot more that we do not know yet, but dare to seek out and hold dear.


The catalogue is an open container for material that are meaningful in terms of celebrating, acknowledging and pass on the wide range of intentions in TRAVERS. A gentle, unsure and hopeful container that are looking forward to encountering the complexity of TRAVERS entanglements that will shape the content of the catalogue.


During the third camp of TRAVERS we will invite you to contribute to the catalogue in different ways, trough wonder-writing, dialogue sessions, reflection rooms etc. If you need ways of contributing that are not available, then help us establish these ways. It’s an open catalogue striving to develop, breath, wonder and adapt during the camp.


We will take the responsibility to gather and contain all the material and shape it into a catalogue of TRAVERS content that hopefully can exist as a multi-voice prism of inspiration to our future cross disciplinary projects and paths.


Let us use the opportunity to create a catalogue of TRAVERS content during this last camp. We start by posing you a couple of questions to wonder about before we meet. And then we will enter in dialogues with you during the camp and ask you to visit rooms, spaces and people so that we can sample and collect the material you bring forward. In short, leave your mixed-up footprints and help us to share them, so other can discover new paths, inspirations and potentials.


Questions to wonder about before we meet:

What does it mean to expand?
What kind of soil can interdisciplinary fields grow in?
What are the most important answers to look for in the future?